CES 2014

Yogesh Chellappa Chockalingam, January 15th 2014

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The pretty, curvaceous Korean model smiled and cocked her head as her eyes glittered amidst a storm of blinding camera flashes. A heady mix of glamour and raw excitement underlay the warm cacophony of conversation as it soaked into the atmosphere.

This was Las Vegas after all.

She pushed herself to make an effort to hold the smile and slightly shuffled her feet. The cameras barely noticed. Tonight, their attention was entirely focused on the curves all right. She sighed inwardly but there was no escaping it. She could still make out the gargantuan monster from the corner of her eye.

Samsung had just unveiled the world’s first 105 inch curved Ultra HD television.

Source: Samsung

What if the mightiest tech titans decided to converge from all over the globe bearing the greatest and latest crammed to the brim with cutting edge technology? What if the world needed to be shocked out of it’s warm Christmas stupor and make them go slack-jawed and wide-eyed with wonder like children again?

Ever built a truck out of Lego bricks and felt like it was the coolest thing you had ever done as a toddler? Why not make an actual, functioning computer that way. Pull and plug in parts at your whim. Need an upgrade? Easy peasy. Toss that musty old RAM away and slam a new one home into its slot. That’s what the good folks over at Razer had in mind when they built a prototype capable of doing that.

Source: Razer

Nary a worry now, be it processor cores or memory.

Incidently, speaking of processor cores, what’s the largest number of possible cores you thought could be crammed into a chip? 6? 12? Nvidia boardroom’s hearty laughter had to be still ringing in their ears when they smugly announced a chip with a mind blowing 192 cores packed into a single chip. Yes, you read that right.

Source: NVIDIA

All your gaming worries have just been taken care for forseeable future. Assuming you can afford it, of course.

For those of you who can’t seem to get enough of Linux and its distros, Valve has managed to convince several firms to hop overboard and support it’s Steam OS and gaming console, designed exclusively for gaming on Linux.

Source: Valve

Electric cars seems to be the quite the fad. All silent and environment friendly. Not macho enough for you, maybe? Think again.

Source: Spark Racing Technologies

Spark Racing Technologies made sure they left their mark at Vegas, so to speak, on the tarmac by designing an electric car capable of clocking at over 150 mph.

Internet of Things. An utterly confusing misnomer if ever there was one. The name actually refers to a not-so-distant future where everything you do ends up being analysed by computers capable of chomping through massive amounts of data and help improve your decision making. Or so they claim while secretly collecting data about you.

How better to manifest itself rather than wearable computers. From smartwatches to baby heart rate monitors, those ubiquotous paraphernalia you hardly spared a second thought to, assumes new roles, almost as though viewed through a new pair of eyes.

Given the constant (ab)use of Google Glass, it’s invariably going to attain much higher significance than you thought possible.

Care to guess what Urban Dictionary defines as:
A person who constantly talks to their Google Glass, ignoring the outside world.

Source: The wonderous Internet.

No, really. I did not make this up.

Be it at cars, televisions or augmented reality, CES 2014 sure delivered in spades and kept the world mesmerised for a week. Here’s hoping to an even better CES, 2015!